Uscis Affidavit Of Support Form

Uscis Affidavit Of Support Form – The National Visa Center (NVC) requires that candidates for family-based green card or lawful permanent residency must prove their financial stability. Here is a sample form that you can use to support your case:

Applicants must prove that their household size and geographic location are less than 125% of the federal poverty limit. This is calculated using the IRS Form 1040 or their income from previous federal tax returns.

What is the USCIS Affidavit of Support Form?

If you’re a sponsor of an immigrant seeking a green card, you may have heard the terms “affidavit to support” or “I-864”. If a sponsor agrees that they will shoulder the financial responsibility of an immigrant who is applying for a greencard, they must fill out Document I-864. This form is an American immigration form.

When you sign the affidavit, you are entering into a legally binding agreement. This requires you to provide financial support for your immigrant up until they receive a green card. You are ensuring that your immigrant is not denied admission as someone who could be charged with a public offense by providing them need-based government support, commonly known as “welfare”.

There may be differences in the amount of money required for each affidavit. This is dependent on the circumstances and individual sponsor. In general, you will need to prove that your income is sufficient to meet the federal poverty threshold.

It is also necessary to provide information about the number of immigrant substitutes or second sponsors you have, and the number of family members with whom you are a sponsor. You must also provide information about your dependents, including children. You must include a section on finances to outline your resources in order to ensure you have enough revenue.

How to obtain a USCIS Support Form Affidavit

If you are applying for a family-based greencard, you will need a financial sponsor. This person must complete Form I-864 (Affidavit Of Support) and submit it with the immigrant visa petition.

This form is used to standardize the assessment of a sponsor’s ability to meet the income requirement and other standards set forth in Section 213A (Immigration and Nationality Act). It also ensures that all the essential data required to assess a sponsor’s eligibility are collected.

The five sections of this form are Part 1, Financial Status and Part 2, Supporting Documents. Part 3 and 4 are the three remaining sections. Box 1 is the financial statement for the sponsor. Each person who lives in the home must be completed by the sponsor.

All members of the family should be included in the sponsor, including grandchildren and children. This amount must be entered accurately.

If more than one person is counted in this area, the application could be rejected. If the applicant is legally blind or intellectually disabled, the sponsor must mark box 1.b. Next, they must give the date and name of the interpreter who completed the form for them.

After the sponsor submits the form, the NVC will inspect it and any additional materials to ensure technical accuracy. If any of the information on the petitioning sponsor is incorrect or missing, the NVC will contact them and request that they resubmit it. This will slow down the process and can take up to several weeks.

How to follow up on a USCIS Support Application Form

Remember the number on your supporting affidavit. This section is required in order for USCIS to approve your application for a greencard. USCIS will determine how many people you are financially responsible for sponsoring based on Box 1. It also informs USCIS about any other sponsors who are listed on the same form. Your spouse and children can also be included if you are the main sponsor. Other boxes indicate the number of additional types of people you will be responsible for.

Download Uscis Affidavit Of Support Form PDF

USCIS Affidavit Of Support Form
USCIS Affidavit Of Support Form

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